Publications and Current Research

You can check out some of my publications here:

Franklin, M. (2022). Risk in the Film Business. Routledge. Order here

A related REF case study selected for submission by ICCE, Goldsmiths, UoL is available here and was judged internationally excellent.

Leisewitz,A.,  Musgrave, G., and Franklin, M. (2022) Connectivity, Communication and Construction in a CEZ. Report for Lewisham Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ) – an initiative of the Mayor of London – here

Behrens, R., Foutz, N., Franklin, M., Funk, J., Gutierrez-Navratil, F., Hofmann, J., Leibfried, U. (2020). Leveraging Analytics to Produce Compelling and Profitable Film Content. Journal of Cultural Economics.

Franklin, M. (2018) Examining the understanding and management of risk in the film industry. Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship, London.

Campagnolo, G.M., Giannatou, E., Franklin, M., Stewart, J. and Williams, R., (2018). Revolution remixed? The emergence of Open Content Film-making as a viable component within the mainstream film industry. Information, Communication & Society22(13), pp.1871-1888.

Campagnolo, G.M., Giannatou, E., Franklin, M., Stewart, J. and Williams, R., (2018) Revolution postponed? Tracing the development and limitations of open content filmmaking, Information, Communication & Society, DOI: 10.1080/1369118X.2018.1464590

Franklin, M. (2016) Doctoral Thesis: The assemblage of Digital Engagement Metrics as a market device: the case of independent film.   Institute for Capitalising on Creativity, School of Management, University of St Andrews. Linked to this REF impact case.

Drake, P., Franklin, M. Sathe, D., Tierney. S. (2015). We Are Colony: Digital VOD Distribution for Independent Film – Research and Development Report. Nesta/AHRC.

Franklin, M. Stoyanova Russell, D, Townley B. (2015). From Marketing to Performing the Market: The Emerging Role of Digital Mingant, N, Tirtaine, C, Augros, J (ed.), Film Marketing into the 21st Century, London: BFI / Palgrave.

[Related coverage / impact docs: Creative Scotland backs four new film initiatives with £1m _ News _ Screencreates_finalreport 2; University of Edinburgh – 34 – ‘I Am Breathing’- raising awareness about, and lending a voice to, people with Motor Neurone Disease (2)]

Haywood, G.,* Nilsson. J.* Franklin, M., Gilbert, P., Krafve, L J.,  Lindén,L., MacGillivray, M., Meckin, R. (*Editing and communicating co-writers.) (2014). Valuation Studies: a collaborative valuation in practice. (2,1): 71-85.

Franklin, M. (2013). What metrics really mean, a question of causality and construction in leveraging social media audiences into business results: Cases from the UK film industry. Participations:  Journal of Audience and Reception Studies (10,2).

Franklin, M; Searle, N; Stoyanova, D & Townley B. (2013) Digital Tools for Management in the Creative Industries: The Case of UK Independent Film. Journal of Creativity and Innovation Management. (22,3 320-333).

  • Nominated for best paper 2013
  • Selected by Professor Economides of NYU Stern, Haas School of Business, and the NET Institute, for the Economics of Networks Papers Series

Franklin, M. Internet-enabled Dissemination: Managing Uncertainty in the Film Value Chain. in Iordanova, D. and Cunningham, S. (Eds) (2012). Digital Disruption: Cinema Moves On-line St Andrews: St Andrews Film Studies 2014 _ Output details Digital Disruption.

Franklin, M. & Kelly, M: Northern Alliance. (2009) An Analysis of the Corporate Finance of SME’s in the UK Film Industry. Report to the UK Film Council.

Kelly, M. & Franklin, M: Northern Alliance. (2009) Show me the money – A guide to film business finance. Report to the UK Film Council.

Kelly, M. Chandler, C. Hypponen, L. and Franklin, M: Northern  Alliance. (2009) A Review of Short Film and UK Film Council’s Policy on Short Film 2001-2009. Report to the UK Film Council.

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