Film Business Research: Late of the Union

Film Business Research (FBR)  is now a fully operational consultancy and this juncture, though a little behind Barack’s update, is a great kick start to take a snapshot of the world, send out some short cuts and highlight a number of things that have been going on behind the scenes and are now out there.

The DCMS film policy review was really encouraging, not only did it get to grips with a number of structural economic issues related to digital’s impact in the Film Value Chain, as foregrounded in Creative Scotland’s submission (co-authored in this parish) but also highlighted a role for research including academic research.

Some choice elements and quotes:

  • Proposal for R&D Fund for digital innovation
  • Proposal for BFI Research and Knowledge Function – joined up evidence based policy (great to see multiple Northern Alliance reports cited, demonstrating practice based preaching)
  • “The film industry is seeking revenue models to capitalise on what audiences are willing to pay for films (and related games, apps and other media).”
  • Knowledge from digital pilots should be made open and available, public funding should underwrite such tests and should connect film businesses with researchers in British Universities.
  • “…there is a pressing need for a structured exploration of how film businesses can use digital technologies to deepen audience engagement and create new revenue models. The uncertainty surrounding issues such as audiences’ preferences, their willingness to pay, and intellectual property rights are inhibiting the development of new business models across the British film industry. Research and Development (R&D) initiatives – by generating hard data and evidence – can significantly help to reduce these uncertainties….. “
  • Recognition of disintermediation, FVC rearrangement, practices as innovations – the need for producers and distributors to engage earlier, for these interests to explore different ways to get to audiences – in order for all FVC segments to get most value from digital tools. A viewpoint backed by a holistic rather than silo-ed investment strategy.

So pretty good stuff then, it certainly fits with other industry initiatives – e.g. Film 4.0′ new development model, support from Creative Scotland, AHRC and NESTA  and also with FBR’s academic research – the new book is out now: Digital Disruption – Cinema Moves Online with a chapter on FBR’s argument for digital tool’s role in market devices to align interests in film business models.

However,it is a long and difficult process going from script to screen. So DCMS report to reality is going to take a lot of work.

FBR is putting its efforts in this direction with Distrify and other cool projects and companies this year. Delivery of research to Creative Scotland continues in a new version of that union, with academia at the foreground and the next event focussing on social media.

Hope to see you there! or get in touch @filmbizresearch

Picture Credit – Bloore 2009 adapted

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