EU MEDIA Fund project success with @distrify

FBR had great news recently when the EU’s MEDIA fund confirmed that Distrify was one of two successful applicants to their VOD fund for 2012/13. The project budgeted at approx 1m Euros was successful in leveraging over 300k Euros from the fund and represents the second positive result from FBR’s consultancy with Distrify in obtaining investment following NESTA’s investment in the GFT player project in 2012. Details of the future European wide initiative are below

distrify media

Distrify aims to be a Transactional VoD platform delivering European and other films across Europe and beyond. The innovative viral film distribution platform allows films to be purchased and streamed from an embeddable trailer shared on any website or online social profile. The growing, culturally diverse catalogue includes over 900 films from UK, Denmark, Sweden, France, Czech Republic, USA, India and more. Distrify plans to build a socially curated platform to enhance the sales and discovery potential for the growing catalogue of films and turn buyers into repeat customers. MUVIES.COM strives to enable fans and partners to promote collections of the films with targeted recommendations. MUVIES will be marketed strategically in territories with the current highest sales (UK, Germany) and largest potential markets (France, Spain, Scandinavia). MUVIES aims to offer advanced language and sharing functions that form the innovative technological basis for increasing circulation and access of European films. The objective is to combine viral film discovery and intelligent recommendations in order to enable the catalogue to spread beyond borders, supported by targeted, trackable social engagement.

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