Convergence or differentiation in IP protection strategies and business models?

ubs ed china 1

In June I was kindly invited to be part of a fantastic event at the University of Edinburgh’s Business School as a discussant addressing creative industries in China in relation to international and UK models.

china 1


It was an honour to meet with  and speak amongst such wonderful presenters, representatives from Huayi Brothers Entertainment and Alibaba Entertainment provided wonderful insight.

china 2


I am most grateful to  Dr Xiaobai Shen for the invitation, and the ability to catch up with fantastic researchers in the field from BFI and Rufus-Isaacs, Acland & Grantham LLP.

It has been wonderful to continue working with members of the team, such as Professor Williams, on research in Open Film practices, linked to the connected CREATe initiative.

The intersection of (more) Open Data, the film business, and international industry best practice is a continuing area of interest.

ubs china 2

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