Open Data & We Are Colony

odine we are colony

A company I have had the pleasure to work for on a number of different projects has recently announced they are onto something new and exciting.

Having worked on an AHRC Nesta Digital R&D project with We Are Colony and Film London, the next year the team invited me to work on a grant application and the resulting project as part of Open Data Incubator Europe.  These were really cool projects, working with the super innovative tech team was brilliant. I got to learn a lot, especially about MixPanel analytics and semantic web applications, which the brilliant Dr DiFranzo introduced to us lucky ones at Oii SDP 2011.  We Are Colony did some great stuff in pushing new distribution models, and produced some wonderful content – it will be brilliant to see what comes next.

A related paper coming from the Nesta project was presented at: Circuits of Cinema HoMER Network Conference

Philip Drake (Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh) and Michael Franklin (Goldsmiths College, University of London)

Companion Content: Digital Distribution, Exhibition and the Elusive Online Audience for Independent Film


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