Business of Film Podcast

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Recently, I was kindly invited by Jesse Ikeman to be interviewed on his podcast. I think the Business of Film series has some excellent speakers and hopefully some of my research proved interesting. A link to the show and Jesse’s intro are pasted below. I would very much recommend the podcast, I loved the episodes on forensic accounting and eOne’s distribution strategy.

Welcome back to Business of Film, episode 33. This week we are joined by Michael Franklin, a film business consultant working with companies like Distrify and a researcher focusing on digital engagement.

Michael also works at the Institute for Capitalising on Creativity at the University of St Andrews and is affiliated with Creative Scotland: the national leader for Scotland’s arts, screen and creative industries.

In this episode we chat about:

– The gap between social and getting the consumer to “hit the button”.
– How to evaluate data.
– Theatrical Dramatic vs. Documentary production in the DIY model.
– What the most meaningful Twitter metric is… according to the data.
– How P&A will start to shift based on social trends and what this means for you.
– How value is NOT aligned… yet.

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